2013 | Symphony LENS

A symphony of persepective, LENS, examines our lives in slow motion and finds the beauty in the fleeting moments. Inspired by our human ability to become hyper aware when going through trauma, Mateo asks “What would life be like if we experienced this in every day life?” The concert features a series of short films shot in super slow motion (1000 frames/second) as we watch a simple hug over minutes, we see the few seconds fate of a runner’s collision in a few minutes, we watch a baby grow to 16 years old within 3 minutes. All of these pieces were complimented by riveting performances by world touring pop star Imogen Heap and the charismatic performances of Pop due Pomplamoose.

Featuring Imogen Heap, Pomplamoose, Dance Contemporary SeattleUniversity of Washington Chorale, NW Boychoir and patient musician Max Wu