2015 | Symphony Firelight

A symphony about walking forward in the dark. With electricity only being 150 years old this concert looks at our ancestors’ use of fire and how it affected their lives. Firelight provides ability to see, it evokes gathering & the accompanying stories, it’s imperfection and weavering movement has a certain beauty that calls us in. As much as we crave to control or predict our lives we never truly know what will happen next. The firelight’s imperfection reminds us beauty, in all of its curiosity and unknowing, is more valuable than the routine. With dancers, multiple choirs, a rock band, and more this concert beckons us to let go and revel in the mysterious and imperfect beauty of life.

Featuring Sweet Water, Shawn Smith, Tesee George Dance Collective, dancer Alexander Jackson, Columbia Choir, Varsity Gospel Singers, University of Washington Chorale and patient musician Sarah Tuiono